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I know, the most self-centered and narcissist page of all sites.
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Yes, sir. Covered in sand.

I'm an ardent game designer, with strong programming and graphical skills. I’ve been developing digital solutions for a variety of clients from unique business models. And experienced creating different budget plans for a diverse economic spectrum of clients.

Never afraid of getting dirty, hands on any job. All of my 
skills are extensible, plus I'm always eager to learn something new. I enjoy working in groups, but work just as well on my own and stay self-motivated.

Profile: TLDR;

Avid game designer and programmer, self-motivated, philomath, practical, and very adaptable. Not afraid of getting a little dirty.



Full Sail University
Winter Park, FL, United States.

Computer Science - Associate Degree.
September 2014 - June 2017.  (Graduated)

Highlighted Classes
Game Design, Game Development in Unity 3D, C#, JavaScript, Leadership, Historical Archetypes and Mythology, Systems Thinking, Building Game Worlds, and Building Functional Groups.

National Technical Collage
Asunción, Paraguay.

Game Design – Bachelor’s Degree.
January 2011 – November 2013.  (Graduated)

Highlighted Classes
Physics, Economics, Network Systems, Database Architecture, Applied Mathematics on Computer Science, C, and Java.



While I'm still a cub in the gaming industry. Astute as a fox, I can contribute in subjects related to games, graphic design, and programming.
Also, I'm great following rules and applying them (wink wink).

Creative Park S.A. is a creative agency based on Paraguay Visit Now ↗

— Also, guess who made their website?
  1. 1

    Creative Park S.A.
    Web Developer

    December 2015 - Present. 
    Built websites extremely fast and under a tight budget, sometime collaborating on the design of physical and digital products. Optimized our hosting services and web domains making the company save on digital services costs around +150% every year.

  2. 2

    Creative Park S.A.
    Community Manager

    June 2014 - December 2015.
    Managed multiple social media platforms for a variety of clients and developed the current workflow they use today. Become the official IT technician, allowing the company to save money on these services.

  3. 3

    COPACO Ltd.
    Technical Support (Internship)

    April 2013 – July 2013.
    My career started. Assisted customers to solve technical problems patiently, installed television services in private homes, and performed quality assurance tests.


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