Above: The Fallen

Game Design

Move two characters at the same time in the game, solve puzzles, and avoid the obstacles.

Jan Park
Zakery Warren
Matthew Sahakian
Seth Rolfe
Evan Pardo
Kenneth Wagner
Matthew Harnage
Stephanie Shivak
Rachel Riedel

My Role
Game Design
UI/UX Design

Minimum Viable Product

Above: The Fallen is a 2D side-scrolling, puzzle – platformer game that is centered around traveling upwards instead of to the left or right. The goal is to climb the trees of an ancient and mystical forest to break through the canopy. You must manipulate two main characters at the same time throughout the game, solve puzzles, and avoid the hazards of this dark forest.

Mechanics (Game Design)

Controlling 2 Characters with 1 GamePad

In Above: The Fallen, you play as both the male and female characters at the same time (Single Player Mode Only). They often find themselves in situations that require them to work together to solve puzzles and progress up to the canopy. Each character is controlled with one half of the GamePad. This offers an additional challenge and requires you to think about each character’s positioning before moving. If you don’t get the hang of it right away, don’t worry, it won’t be long before you’re climbing through the jungle like Tarzan.

Gamepad image center

Single Player or Co-op mode

Bring a friend along with you as you adventure through the world, solve puzzles and work together to defeat the Night King. Swap back and forth easily from single player to co-op with a push of a button.

Vertical Scrolling / Climbing

character climbing vine - image 1 center


There are many interesting puzzles that you’ll come across as you play. Some puzzles are solvable in multiple ways which allows for some freedom to explore. Each successfully completed puzzle brings you closer to facing the Night King!

characters solving a multiphased puzzle - image 2 center


Selected Works

Above: The Fallen

Game Design

Above is a 2D side-scrolling, puzzle – platformer that is centered around controlling two characters at the same time and climbing upwards.

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Waters of Destiny

Board Game

Unique game for 1 player vs many players, a game for non-serious and quite mad people in a serious Egyptian era were champions fight false gods.

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GrillCo Game

Game Design

We strategized, designed, and developed a simple game for GrillCo a natural charcoal company from Paraguay to sell more fire starter matches.

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